Check out our latest customer video, showcasing the use of our medical device during medical procedures at Medway NHS Foundation Trust

   Check out our appearance on the BBC, showcasing the use of our medical device at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Check out our appearance on the BBC, showcasing the use of our medical device at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Healthy Mind celebrates its 5th anniversary!

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A retrospective of our highlights from 2017 to 2022


As the end of the year approaches, many of us look back on the months that have passed. However, this 2022 season has a special flavour for Healthy Mind as it marks 5 years of existence of our company! Who could have imagined in 2017 the journey we would take so far? To celebrate this milestone, we offer you a retrospective of Healthy Mind’s highlights over the years and a glimpse of our plans for those to come.


2017: the year it all began


At a very young age, Timothée Cabanne, Reda Khouadra and Malo Louvigné saw the limits of drug solutions to overcome the pain and anxiety of their parents suffering from chronic pain. With the development of virtual reality, the trio of engineers and entrepreneurs saw a unique opportunity to improve patient treatment. Healthy Mind was born.

The year 2017 marks the beginning of the project and the start of a great adventure. For their innovative idea, the founders of Healthy Mind receive several awards:

  • Best Software award at the e-Challenges competition;
  • winner of the 100 Days to Business award;
  • Best Startup award at Viva Tech;
  • National winner of the 2017 PEPITE prize;
  • 2017 winner of the AMI Hospital of the Future APHP – CHU Nantes.


2018: the development of the project


One year after its creation, Healthy Mind receives its first Business Angel financing, carries out a first pre-sale with the Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph and markets its solution on the Rift S computer.

In 2018, we also began a long-lasting collaboration with Dr Catherine Bernard, anaesthetist and hypnotherapist. After more than 100 open brain surgeries in hypnosis and as the person in charge of the university diploma of hypnosis in anaesthesia, her intervention in our scientific committee brings a great richness for the scripting of our virtual environments.  

Since then, our scientific committee has been enlarged with the contribution of Pr Jürgen Schüttler, Pr Bart Morlion, Dr Kok Yuen Ho, Pr Marlies Schijven and Pr Wissam El Hage. We would like to thank them warmly!



2019: deployment of our solution in Europe


In 2019, we are integrating the incubator of the ICM (Brain and Spinal Cord Institute), iPEPS, on the Parisian start-up campus founded by Xavier Niel: Station F. This partnership serves to support a transversal approach to research, stimulating collaborations and encouraging the development of new medical technologies.

In addition, our solution is evolving to become completely autonomous, ensuring convenience and comfort for users in the hospital setting. We establish a distribution contract in France with Gamida, a French manufacturer and distributor of medical devices. We also go beyond borders by making the first sales in Belgium and Switzerland.



2020: Healthy Mind continues its journey


Our history with Gamida continues and we will become part of the UniHA referencing in 2020. As a result of this collaboration, many hospital services are equipping themselves with our solutions to alleviate patient pain and anxiety.

On the other hand, from a standalone GO solution, we are now adopting PICO technology for our virtual reality headsets. At the same time, our team is growing and we are welcoming 10 new people.

For our work, we get the recognition of the 2020 edition of Future 40, a selection of the 40 most promising companies of the Station F campus.



2021: the growth is accelerating


In 2021, our solution will receive ISO 13485 certification. This accreditation, specific to medical devices, attests to the quality of Healthy Mind’s services, its compliance with regulations, and the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

We join the portfolio of innovative e-health solutions of the digital business accelerator Axeltim and raise €1 million to accelerate our development.

At the end of this year, we have more than 100 customers in Europe. In addition, we are starting a collaboration with a major pharmaceutical group, a real pioneer in neuroscience, and are integrating the UGAP referencing with Gamida.



After 5 years: time to take stock in 2022


Thanks to the journey so far, we have deployed more than 1,000 Healthy Mind solutions, 250 healthcare facilities equipped and over 100,000 satisfied patients, we are proud of how far we have come.

The team continues to grow and this year welcomed 20 additional members. We have moved from Station F to the new iPEPS premises.

With Axeltim, we also took part in the SantExpo 2022 exhibition and we told you all about this experience in an article.

Furthermore, our project NeuroMindiNov, a digital therapy combining immersive virtual reality and neurofeedback for patients suffering from chronic diseases, won the I-NOV innovation competition. We would like to thank Medicen Paris Region, Bpifrance and the French government with the France 2030 programme.



What about the next few years?


From a clinical point of view, 11 scientific publications on the benefits of therapeutic virtual reality have been published and we do not intend to stop there. We want to continue to contribute to scientific research and obtain further evidence of the effectiveness of the device. Currently, 30 studies are underway for different use cases to achieve this ambition.

In the next few years, we would like to continue to build on our success and become more and more present in healthcare institutions. Thanks to the feedback from our clients, we are able to continuously improve our environments and the features of our product in order to offer relevant content adapted to the needs of patients.

With this in mind, we have recently designed a paediatric environment: the Magic Archipelago. In the coming months, another environment will be added to our library, specially created to relieve the stress of caregivers. Finally, we are developing our NeuroMindiNov project, which we will tell you about in more detail very soon.

After 5 years of existence, we can only thank you, who contribute to the existence and development of Healthy Mind. We are incredibly proud and grateful for how far we have come. We still have great plans and perspectives for the years to come with the same goal in mind: to ease the daily care of patients and improve the quality of life at work for employees. Would you like to learn more about our solution, ask questions or attend a demonstration? Our team will be happy to help you.


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