A medical easy to
use solution

Designed for a medical use

Software features

Step 1

Turn on the virtual reality headset

Step 2

Launch the tablet application and connect the headset

Step 3

Place the headset on the patient's head

Step 4

Select the desired experience

Step 5

The immersion and monitoring begin!

Discover our immersions

Cutting-edge quality

An immersion amplified by the realism of 3D natural environments where every detail is designed, tested and optimized to alleviate pain and anxiety.

Relaxing features

Established psychological principles to grab the attention and soothe the user senses during the chosen therapeutic journey

Clinical hypnotherapy

Environment-based hypnotherapy scripts designed for adults and children and written by Dr. Catherine Bernard, anesthesiologist and hypnotherapist for 25 years.

Cardiac coherence

Targeted breathing exercises to better manage stress and emotions throughout the immersion.

Relaxing music

A soothing sound ambience and music composed specifically for each environment to offer a multi-sensory experience.

CE class 1 medical device

Purposely designed experiences optimised with healthcare professionals and experts in neuroscience and based on hundreds of international scientific publications.

Our products

Designed and optimized for healthcare professionals

Our stand-alone solution

Our wireless, light and easy to use solution adapted to all medical departments. This solution includes a Pico virtual reality headset, a Bose headset and a control tablet with a monitoring screen.

Our computer solution

A solution that integrates personalized hypnosis thanks to a microphone and other more advanced features.
This solution includes an Oculus Rift S virtual reality headset, a Bose audio headset and a high quality MSI laptop.

Our offers consist of:

  • A lifetime software license
  • All the necessary hardware for the chosen solution
  • A three-year initial service provision including corrective and evolutionary software maintenance, rapid delivery combined with an in-depth medical staff training, a complete and personalised customer service and hardware warranty.

At the end of this three-year initial service provision, we propose annual or triennial renewal offers for our service provision including corrective and evolutionary software maintenance and a complete and personalised customer service.

Proven clinical efficiency

Proven clinical efficiency