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Check out our appearance on the BBC, showcasing the use of our medical device at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Virtual reality in aesthetic practices: make way for relaxation!

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La réalité virtuelle thérapeutique offre un nouvelle vision des soins esthétiques pour décupler le bien-être des patients.

Boost your patients’ well-being with an immersive tool


Stress has become the disease of the century. According to a study by Ifop (the French Institute of Public Opinion), 95% of French people feel anxiety. Between professional worries, personal upheavals and uncertain current events, anxiousness has become a daily companion. Even if we know the damage caused by the concerns in the long term, the context doesn’t always help to find peace of mind… Faced with this gloomy atmosphere, how can we put our well-being first? Virtual reality in aesthetic practices offers three ways to create a bubble of serenity. Discover the new face of your treatments in the next few lines.


1. A quick disconnect to soothe the emotions and refocus on yourself


Caught up in the frantic whirl of our to-do lists, we’re always thinking about tomorrow. Although planning ahead has its advantages, we also need moments out of time, when we can focus on the present.

However, when we’re immersed in our thoughts, no matter how much we encourage ourselves to relax, we rarely succeed… And that’s where virtual reality comes in. Immersions act like a nudge to offer a quick escape and overcome blockages.

This feat is no accident, but the result of a number of therapeutic processes that combine to multiply the benefits tenfold:

  • a highly realistic visual experience to marvel at;
  • a sound atmosphere based on the benefits of music therapy;
  • targeted breathing exercises to achieve cardiac coherence;
  • hypnotic speeches specially designed for each environment.

Through this multi-sensory experience, patients find a better emotional balance. In this way, an atmosphere conducive to beauty care is created, enhancing the effectiveness of in-office procedures.

“I felt like I was on a cloud, in a fabulous, magnificent setting, teleported, transported”.

Healthy Mind user.

The scenarios are developed in close collaboration with doctors and neuroscience experts to provide positive stimulation. The immersions are designed to avoid anxiety-provoking elements or those that could generate discomfort, so as to offer a genuine moment of serenity.

Thanks to the teleportation process, the immersions do not cause cyberkinetosis, the virtual ‘motion sickness’. By encouraging the release of endorphins and reducing stress-related cortisol levels, virtual reality provides a welcome sense of calm.


La réalité virtuelle propose un nouveau rapport aux soins esthétiques.


2. Reducing anxiety before or during a treatment using virtual reality in aesthetic practices


Increased sensitivity, feelings of unease, nervousness… The symptoms of stress often paralyse those who suffer from it. Rather than medicinal solutions, therapies such as virtual reality offer an alternative way of changing perspective.

Dozens of international scientific publications attest to the effectiveness of therapeutic virtual reality in reducing anxiety and pain. Among them, a systemic study of 18 publications shows a significant reduction in stress with the use of a VR headset.

The use of virtual reality before a treatment allows clients to immerse themselves in soothing scenarios, diverting their attention from everyday worries. Calm and relaxing virtual environments, combined with guided relaxation exercises, encourage a smooth transition to the aesthetic process.

“Therapeutic virtual reality is a real bubble of relaxation in our hectic daily lives.”

Solvay aesthetic clinic, user of the Healthy Mind solution.

As well as being transported by the treatments, you continue the journey even further into landscapes that will awaken your imagination. With 8 therapeutic 3D environments and 15 entertainment contents, the Healthy Mind library will delight all audiences.

This innovative approach transforms patients’ experience, not only by improving physical results, but also by creating an environment conducive to relaxation. Virtual reality becomes a precious ally in the quest for a regenerative aesthetic experience.



3. Immediate relaxation to relieve the mental load


Mental overload isn’t confined to one area, but develops in several aspects of life. You may be overwhelmed at work, at home, as parents or with a health problem. In this state of constant thoughts and roller coaster of emotions, exhaustion is never far away.

Therapeutic virtual reality brings relief in the midst of the storm. During the immersions, all you have to do is let go. The immediate relaxation provided by virtual reality in aesthetic practices goes beyond a momentary escape. By freeing the mind of accumulated tension, it creates a fertile ground for emotional recharging, allowing you to regain mental clarity and renewed energy.

This holistic approach, combining the benefits of mental relaxation with aesthetic treatments, creates an enriching customer experience that places emotional well-being at the heart of the beauty process.


La réalité virtuelle propose d'augmenter le bien-être pendant les soins esthétiques en réduisant les ruminations mentales et l'anxiété.

The personalised nature of the sessions, with interaction possible at any time, makes the approach all the more unique, tailored to the needs and expectations of each individual. Sessions last between 5 and 80 minutes.

The equipment fits into a practical rucksack and takes up very little space, to make the most of the space in the practice. The wireless, off-network 4K headset can be deployed in just 2 minutes. The Healthy Mind Control tablet application lets you set up, monitor and control the session intuitively.

The immersions are compatible with other in-office therapies such as chromotherapy, an alternative method that uses coloured lights to achieve physical, psychological and emotional harmonisation. To make the purchase or hire of the device as cost-effective as possible, our professionals charge from €25 for a virtual reality session (alone or combined).


In your aesthetic practice, virtual reality will create a space where emotional well-being takes centre stage. By enabling rapid disconnection, reducing pre-treatment anxiety and providing immediate relaxation, this technology is revolutionising the customer experience. Our solution can also be used to improve quality of life at work, combat pain and anxiety, reduce the need for analgesics and anxiolytics, and treat chronic pain. For more information, please contact our team.

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