Check out our latest customer video, showcasing the use of our medical device during medical procedures at Medway NHS Foundation Trust

   Check out our appearance on the BBC, showcasing the use of our medical device at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Check out our appearance on the BBC, showcasing the use of our medical device at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Giant Health 2023: international festival of health innovation

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Healthy Mind a participé à l'édition 2023 du festival international de l'innovation santé à Londres, le Giant Health.

A moment to discuss the future


On December 4th and 5th 2023, Healthy Mind took part in a significant event for the health sector: the Giant Health festival. During this London-based gathering, the international community came together with the common goal of improving health and promoting innovation. Over two rich and inspiring days, the spotlight was set on health technology entrepreneurs. How did this edition unfold? Here’s an overview.

Giant Health 2023 in London: where innovation and health technology meet


Every year, the Global Innovation and New Technology (GIANT) Health Event takes place at the Business Design Centre in London, England. The Financial Times, a British daily business newspaper, describes the event as:

“Europe’s largest and most valuable international festival of Healthtech innovation.”

With over 25 conferences, 450 speakers, immersive workshops and a startup competition, this international congress is a unique opportunity to delve into the perspectives of the sector, enrich knowledge and connect with other stakeholders involved in health innovation and technologies. United by a common vision, this annual festival serves to bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

In addition to this flagship event, GIANT also disseminates other content aimed at health technology collaborators: a bi-monthly live show, a newsletter, and a weekly podcast.



Focus on the Healthy Mind stand


For the first time, Healthy Mind participated in this leading congress in the health field in 2023. Similar to the SantExpo exhibition, the Healthy Mind booth at Giant Health was transformed into an e-lounge with comfortable chairs and virtual reality headsets. Visitors could sit back and explore our device during short immersive experiences.

Alongside this space, printed visuals displayed specific information about our concept. Thus, people waiting their turn or just passing by could learn about our product, our environments and the various applications of therapeutic virtual reality. In just two days, more than 120 demonstrations took place – a great success and recognition of the interest in our solution.

Antoine Breton, Business Development Manager at Healthy Mind, reflects on this experience:

“The Giant Health congress was an invaluable experience for Healthy Mind as a leader in the digital therapy market. We had the unique opportunity to showcase the capabilities of our virtual reality medical device while establishing meaningful connections with passionate NHS healthcare professionals.

The numerous demonstrations and enriching discussions strengthened our understanding of the current needs of the sector as well as our commitment to improving the non-pharmacological patient care.”


The opportunities created by the Giant Health Event: a growing influence of Healthy Mind in the UK


We are driven by the same ambition as the festival: to continue innovating and supporting  healthcare innovations. The visibility and exchanges undertaken during the conference have become a real accelerator for Healthy Mind.

Our participation in Giant Health has allowed us to consolidate our presence in the United Kingdom. Thanks to some fruitful new partnerships, we continue to develop our therapeutic virtual reality solution with enthusiasm.

Several British establishments already have our device, with positive feedback, as shown by this report from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) on the use of the Healthy Mind virtual reality headset at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.



Driven by the momentum of the Giant Health congress, we intend to build on this impulse and equip many more institutions to reduce patient anxiety and pain. Would you also like to take part in a demonstration of our Healthy Mind device? There’s no need to wait for the next edition of Giant Health, we remain available to organise a presentation and answer your questions about the specific needs of your practice.

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